Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Have you missed to count "someone" ?

 It's often heard , women don't get to take care of themselves enough . I had feel its true but it's not just about women , but about any person who assumes the role of primary caregiver .
Society has seen women as primary caregiver and men as bread earner , so it applied mostly to women , but it really is the case with anyone who assumes the role of Primary caregiver of the family.This person assumes the role and considers it as duty to "give" constantly , forgetting the Self.
A beautiful story I read recently , describes it beautifully

"One time a group of 10 people crossed river and to ensure that all people crossed over safely they decided to head count  . Every time they counted they counted only NINE!! they took turns but got only NINE head count. This caused them worry and sadness.
A wise man passing by , saw them in despair and decided to help. He realized that the person counting is missing out himself . This time he asked them to count again and after they were done with Nine , the wise man reminded them that they are missing to count "themselves". Once they realized ,that all ten people were safe and they went happy !!"

Mostly as caregiver , we get so focused on taking care of others that we forget to count ourself as one among those . We alienate ourself from the care we are suppose to give to the "family".  While the frustration starts because we may be feeling exhausted , the actual cause of grief is that subconsciously we know we have missed someone we were responsible for and are not able to recognize who that is!!

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