Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Prayers not answered -- have we given our100% ?

A thought that crossed over ...We often blame God for not listening our prayers .. But .....
"Krishna was the supreme one and well knew that the villagers cannot lift the Govardhan Mountain .. But he asked them all to first try lifting it with all their might using their sticks , before he lifted it on his finger"

Anyone with logic can tell , villagers could not have done it on their own , and it was extremely easy for Krishna to do it in first place.
But we don't use our logic on " why he still asked ? "
.. He wanted to teach unless we put our best effort , no matter how much we pray , even though He has all powers he will not / may not be able to help . He need to see our intention ,to solve , our belief that it will be solved ,our faith in Him that He is by our side, and our best efforts even though it may be him alone who can solve them !!
"God also helps those who help themselves" !!
It's true that Nothing happens without his will , buts it's also true nothings happens without our effort!!

Have we put 100% effort to solve , before we blame Him for not listening to our prayers and solving our problems, which may be He only can solve.
"Miracles do happen" .. But don't forget the second part " Only if we give our 100% first" !!

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