Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Feeling contended in Doing something !!

Many times we do things thinking it will please others , make others happy and in return will bring us some kind of reward (emotional , financial etc) .
Whenever we do something in for something in return , we are seeking for momentary happiness ,  and many times are left in hurt or pain or anger if it doesn't bring in results as we anticipated.

The only way to do anything is to do it because" You WANT to do it" . You may make mistake and learn or you may succeed , but either way it will bring you a joy within .

People do not inflict pain or hurt on us , we do it ourself .  By doing things against our will , not owning up our decisions / our actions /results, we bring in inner conflict and that is the cause of pain and hurt , not others.
We have always heard that "doing for others " bring us joy . But it does carry a deeper meaning than just what it says . Unless you really own up something ,  making it very own cause, and be prepared to do it right from your very core ,  the satisfaction , the happiness cannot be yours!!

If you are not in alignment to yourself in doing something , no matter who else accepts or praise your work and what may be the gain , you will never feel contented. But if you are in alignment with self , it would not matter what the outcome is , the contentment would come by merely doing. It.

If you don't "want " to do anything , Don't do it .
If you are not "ready"  to do it , Don't do it.

But ,
When you "want" to do something , get "ready" for it 100% , "give it " 200% shrugging all your fears and call of ego , and you will never regret it!!!

Let it be your choice , your decision , your ownership and your outcome , only then you can feel "contended" ! ,