Monday, June 10, 2013

A day of receiving More !!!

I love to sometimes go out and eat alone , just to give myself a company and get some quiet time to observe and feel around .. . Today was one such day .. Went to lunch , I am a foodie but selective foodie ... And somedays are not meant for food , just that feeling of going out and observing . 
I ordered my food , waited and observed people coming and going , that item number on Tv , the people seeing the food , expressions on people , their gestures ..

And while I was observing ,30  mins passed and still my food was not ready , asked and they realized they forgot !! 
 No worries , Today the purpose was "observation" .
Finally the food comes , and I ate and still observed.
Realized have got extra Roti (bread) ... First thought of eating it all ;) .. 

Then remembered there is a word called "overeating" and a expression called " getting fatter"  (can't afford anything more than I am already !!! ) and a pain and horror called "exercising " !! 
And thought let's nip it in bud !! 

As it was already on my plate and thought it will now only going to go in Dustin , let me share it with some birds who give me at that secluded stop , I love to sit and write these days ... 
Rolled back the roti in the aluminum foil wrap it came in .. 
Walked to that place and spread the bread under the tree in bite size nibbles for my little friends ..... 

Why didn't I think of it when I "had "more other days ??? Today I "received" more and I felt like sharing....

I was about to walk way , when I observed the beautiful seeds and acorn lying under the tree ... 
I picked few to observe ( that's what that lunch was about , isn't it ?? ) ... And loved them 
The artist in me danced with joy !!! how wonderful will they look on my Canvas !!It was my turn to receive back again !! 
Loved them and collected some in the same aluminum foil wrap I had brought the roti ..
 I came back with It filled 4 times filled I had shared from it !!

Received more  .. Shared ... Received much more !!!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Why this blog , What it is and Who should read it?

Finally I am writing it !!!! On this blog !!
It's been there for a while and never had an entry , not because I never had anything to write , but because I was critical of myself and was not able to choose what to write !!  Today , as I wrote in my diary one time , l want to write and publish it ... And I start today ... And that's the only answer to WHY :) !!! 

Why that name ??? Simply because I am so bad at naming anything !!! and simply because I could not think of Anything Better. !!!
Emotions are always there , they come and go ... But sometime , they feel like bursting out and that's when they convert in writing ;) .. And so that's it !!! Sory I can't think of any better name !!! ;) 

So let begin with " Who Should Not be reading this blog" . 

If you don't  Questioned life , circumstances , God  " This blog is Not for you' . 
If you are easy flowing with life and accept all that comes your way " This blog is  Not  for you' . 
If you have never struggled with your inner self and your projection outside " This blog is  Not for you' . 
If you are comfortable with your thoughts And beliefs and don't feel the need to share or hear anyone else " this blog is not for you".

And if you just like to have a good read and looking for something which brings peace and joy to you in your free time "This blog is Definitely  NOT for you".

Now do we have anyone left , after that small checklist ??? If you are still there , read this blog at your own risk .. ;) ...

This blog is just my observation of life ... As I child I wanted to be an scientist ... and a scientist always keep writing his findings and observation of its research . So this is my findings and observation of my experiment called LIFE!! 
I am no scientist today . Well it's a different matter , only now I realize, all I wanted to be in category of people who are called "crazy" like , scientist , artists , writers , poets etc etc(sorry folks if I have missed out the other career options of being crazy, I am just running short of time to make whole list)  .. And I realize ,  I am crazy ... So I am there !! 

Lets come back to our discussion , I tend to divert and you will have to put up with it , if you wish to be a reader here ;) ... 

This blog is not meant to make anyone believe what I see , what I believe , but is definitely meant to make you "think" what you believe , sometime "disturb" your thoughts , sometimes take you to the silence called "inner me" .

This blog is not meant to see life from my eyes , but it's meant to let you begin to see life from your heart !!

So all those who at still there ... You are welcomed to read through my thoughts in coming post ...not all will be new , some will be from my diary written many months back ... Some will be new findings . Some may be lengthy to keep you real busy and some may be. Real small as a paragraph or smaller.
These are my findings , my observation and I am in no responsible for yours:) ... 
Once again read at your own risk ;) ... 
It's not a horror story , but faint hearted may find themselves disturbed outside if their inner self start thinking :) !!