Monday, December 9, 2013

Finding my Life's Purpose !! (part1)

I have been searching for my life's purpose , I played various roles at work and in personal life , and none fit right . Slowly this longing grew and I even left my job to look to "do" more meaningful in life , only to realize that "doing" what I thought is my life's purpose is merely a part of it , not "THE purpose of my life"
For last 1 year I started on an intense journey to find and achieve my real"Life's purpose" , sitting with my and reconnecting with self .
Here are some notes , of what I learnt :

Q. What is my life purpose?
A. your life's purpose is to live a life You came here (on earth for ) for .

Q. Why did I come here for ?
A. To understand why you came here , you need to first find "who " you are .

Q. Who am I - a daughter? A wife ? A friend? A Lover? A sister? A Manager?
A. No , those are various roles you play . You are a soul !! A Human soul.

Q. Ok , so why I came here as a Human soul?
A. To fulfill your soul's life purpose.

Q. What is my soul's purpose?
A. To understand your soul's purpose You need to know what is a soul..

Q. What is a soul, an invisible light that resides in heart? Between brows? Outside body? How do I know what I can't see.
A. Yes we can't see, let's try describing it by what it is made of .

Q. What is soul made of ?
A. Love, Peace and Joy , I guess...

Q. Ok , I understand soul is made of love peace and Joy , but what is its purpose of coming on this earth as Human?
A. Ok , Let's understand Humans now

Q. Who is a human ?
A . Going by the basic book knowledge Human is a "social animal" with "intelligence".

Q. What do you mean by "Human is social animal " and what it means "with intelligence"
A. It means living a life in relationship with other humans ..
I guess, with intelligence , it means living a life using brains In What he does.

Q. So what is my life's purpose?
A. To live a life of who you are ...

Now ,  put it all together to see what it means ...
"I am a soul made of love , peace and joy which has come to earth to live a life true to my own nature while intelligently associating with other humans".

having realized "what" my life's purpose , I started on a journey to know "how" to live a life of My life's purpose.



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